• David McLeod

Procrastination - Habitual Hesitation

Procrastination is the absence of progress; it can lead to higher levels of stress and lower well-being and is a self-defeating behaviour

Studies have shown that inability to manage emotions seems to be at its very foundation.

A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

George S Patton.

Plans are rarely perfect, it’s just important to have one and put it into action, you can tweak and change it as you go, as long as you are still making progress.

Setting goals for ourselves and making progress towards those goals lowers our stress levels and increases our wellbeing. Think back to those moments in your life when you achieved something positive, feels good right?

It gives rise to self-belief, improves our mood, makes us feel useful and feels like we are taking an active role in our own success in life.

I’ll leave you with this - Start Off by Making Your Bed - William McRaven, US Navy Admiral

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